There will be unnecessary increase in the expenses in the beginning of this month. Your luck will be supportive if you maintain your religious faith.There may be family disputes in the beginning of this month. Control your anger to maintain the peace of your family. You may not trust your friends during this period. In addition avoid getting angry on your mother and improve your relationship with her.

Journeys of short duration may irritate you, but planning ahead can reduce the problems. New relationship/love affairs may begin. There may be an opportunity to spend time with your friends this month.

There may be ups or downs in your married life. Do not let any tension prevail in your family. It may hamper the peace and happiness of your family. Besides, your relationship with your father may take a back seat. During the month, there may be lack of help from your relatives and neighbours. It may upset you.

On issues of livelihood, the month may see a bit of decrease in your income. But, by improving efficiency and performance in your work, you may lead yourself to success. You may be late in gaining advantage of elders experience. You may get a chance to lead but for this you will have to come forward.

The month is good for savings. It may put an end to any livelihood related obstacles. The yogas formed is good for the peace of your family. But, intervention of an outsider in family matters may hamper it. Short journeys in first half of the month may be painful. There may be work related tensions. You may expect the month to be good for your source of income.

Income from risky ventures and investing in share markets may be profitable. New works may be started with determination. By solving your problem with determination, you may utilise the time formed by the yoga. During this period, you need to be attentive from your enemies and keep your management related policies secret.

Friends and families may not be helpful on time. In mid of the month, you may receive maternal love and affection. There may be increase in family expenses. During the period, you be ready to help others. In order to get support of your juniors you need be soft spoken. Income from foreign projects may increase your savings.

Astrological signs have a major impact in our life. There are twelve zodiac signs, which are used by both the Western as well as Vedic astrology. Astrologers mainly used aspects of stars and planets during person’s birth time. Astrology is mainly used for the predictions of person’s future. Different energies are connected with each planet. All these energies have significant affect by the sign.

Twelve zodiac signs are - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.

Weekly Horoscope

Aries ( Mesha )
FEB 2011 Rashiphal


Taurus ( Vrishabh )



Gemini ( Mithun )



Cancer ( Karka )


 ( Simha )


You may face theft, frauds and differences with colleagues at workplace. Moreover, many programmes may be postponed during the month. Also, risky position prevails at work place. During the period, you may become trendy with the modern genre. You may try for a new job at the end of the month. Suspicion on your friend may increase the problems in your love relationship. In addition, the month may see your popularity increasing in opposite gender.

 ( Kanya )



Any new business may be started during the month. The time is right for any partnership contract. Maintain your support in partnership business. In mid of the month you may be successful in raising your position and income by changing your job. Suggestions of life partner in your business may prove to be fruitful. In addition, friends may be supportive through out the month. Many works may be completed with their help. The time is good for love relationship.

Libra ( Tula )


In the beginning of this month you will try to improve your relationship with friends. In this period, obtaining business loans may be much easier. Luck may not be favourable in your work and in order to complete your work you need to rely on your own talent. The formation of yoga says, there may be lack of confidence in you. In accordance, there may be problems in your source of income. But, being courageous may lead you to success even in this period.

Scorpio ( Vrishchik )


The time is right for gaining business related informations. In addition, love relationship may affect your source of income. You may face problems in sale-purchase works. Moreover, the time is good for loan transactions. Being soft spoken, you may be able to complete many of your pending tasks. Besides, using your words carefully while presenting your ideas is suggested. Luck may not be much favourable. In mid of the month, you may try to do several tasks at a time.


Sagittarius ( Dhanu )


Capricorn ( Makar )


Aquarius ( Kumbha )

2010-08-01 to 2010-08-08

To get ahead in life, make friends with those who have influence and power. You can gain more energy and enthusiasm by changing your daily routine. A physical attraction keeps love alive, but a good friendship can ensure longevity.

Lucky Numbers: 11 12 15 5 2 27

Pisces ( Meen )

2010-08-01 to 2010-08-08

A sensitive love moment lets you know how someone feels on an emotional level. If the temptation to go on a retail spending spree is too great, leave your credit cards behind lock and key. Team work at the office is a winning formula.

Lucky Numbers: 6 16 7 18 28 29

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