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Reunion with Wife

Om Gan Ganapataye Namah

Time and again Krishnamurti Paddhati proved that it is scientific and logical . Many case studies that I did using KP method , I wonder the great effort that Guruji Shri KS Krishnamurtiji had applied in innovating a whole new approach to astrology. Astrology which took a backseat was given a new life by this method. Here I present a recent case , a client came to me and told me that his wife had left him , So he wanted to know about when his wife will come back.
Let us look at how I used KP Astrology in solving the query.

Query : Reunion with Wife
Horary No : 93
( 1 –249)
Date : 04-01-2010
Time : 20:05
Place : Nakshatra Jyotish 77E26 , 23N07 ( Geocentric )
Ayanamsa : KP Original 23:54:24


  1. For reunion 7th Cuspal Sublord must signify 2 , 7 and 11th house .
  2. 7th cuspal sublord must not signify the 12th from these houses i.e. 1 ,6 and 10th house.
  3. 7th house indicates wife , husband and marital happiness , 2nd house indicates Kutumba ( Domestic Family ) and 11th house indicates fulfillment of desire , reunion .


Moon always gives the indication of state of mind and queries , So one should only proceed when the Moon and Ascendant sublord signify the houses under consideration. Here Moon is placed in 12th house , it is in the star Magha of Ketu which is in 11th house , hence the Moon is connected to the relevant houses. Ascendant sublord is Venus which is placed in 5th house and placed in its own star Purvashada. It is in conjunction with Sun , Mercury which is lord of 2nd and 11th house . So Venus too is connected to relevant houses.


2nd Cusp -- Virgo –11:04:19 ( Me –Mo- Mo )

Moon is the cuspal sublord of the 2nd house , it is placed in the 12th house , which indicates that his wife has left him and he is concerned about that. It is in the star of Ketu which is placed in the 11th house . So it strongly signifies 11th house i.e fulfillment of desire.

7th Cusp – Aquarius –13:20:00 ( Sa – Ra – Me )

Mercury is the cuspal sublord of the 7th house , it is placed in 5th house and is in the star purvashada whose lord Venus is also placed in 5th , so the Mercury is a strong significator of 5th house , by lordship of 2nd and 11th house Mercury is weak significator of 2nd and 11th house. Hence it indication is favourable for the Clients query of reunion. There are no planets placed in this house , Saturn is the lord of 7th cusp , so it becomes lone significator of 7th house.

11th Cusp – Gemini – 14:02:18 ( Me – Ra – Me )

As discussed above Mercury is favourable for reunion.


As we cannot neglect the ruling planets at the time of judgement
Lagna Signlord Moon
Lagna Starlord Saturn
Lagna Sublord Venus
Moon Signlord Sun
Moon Starlord Ketu
Moon Sublord Mercury
Daylord Moon

As most of the planets which signify 2,7 and 11 are also amongst Ruling Planets hence indication is favourable. Ketu although signifying 6th house strongly but as it is placed in the house of Mercury, it will give the results of Mercury which is signifying the houses of reunion.


Running Mahadasha is of Ketu , which signifies 6th and 11th house, 6th house signification gave the clients wife the mindset to leave him, 11th house signification stands for reunion. Bhukti is of Mercury till May 2010. Mercury is also favourable so I predicted that the clients wife will return before this dasha ends. Running Antara at the time of judgement was of Rahu which signifies 5th house but not favourable for reunion, Next Antara is of Jupiter which is also Not amongst the signifcator, next anatara is of Saturn which being lone significator and also being in the Ruling Planets is strong for reunion. It started from 16th March 2010, So I predicted that during the period when Sun will also transit from Saturn star i.e 18th March to 2nd April 2010. There surely will be reunion.

The client came to me on 28th march and congratulated me, told me that his wife returned on 22nd March 2010. It was Monday and the Moon star is Rohini.

My pranams to guruji and lord ganesha.

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