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Om Gan Ganpataye Namah

Krishnamurti Paddhati astrology has proved itself to be a scientific and logical astrology . I as an astrologer found its utility in each and every field that one can ever imagine. June is the month of promotions in BHEL and so most of my clients asked me to predict their fate. I basically use Horary method for such queries and has been quite successful. Here I give you two examples with totally opposite results .

Query : Promotion ?
Horary : 73 [ 1 – 249 ]
Date : 21-03-2009 Time : 19:53
Place : Nakshatra Jyotish Sansthan 77 E 27 23 N 16
Ayanamsa : KP Original 23:53:44

Rules :

Cuspal Sublord of 10th must signify 2,6,10 and 11th house.
Cuspal Sublord of 11th house i.e house of fulfillment must also signify 2,6,10 and 11th house.
Ruling Planets must also be considered to check the strength of significators.

Analysis :

First of all one needs to look at the moon and its signications to know about the genuinity of the querist. In this case Moon itself is placed in the sixth house the house of competition , Success . Hence the query was genuine. Now we will analyse the chart.

2nd Cusp : Leo 8:6:10 ( Su Ke Ju) – Sublord of 2nd cusp is Jupiter which is in the star of Moon which is placed in 6th House . Hence Jupiter is a strong significator of 6th house. Jupiters Sublord Sun is placed in ninth house But it is in the star of Saturn which is placed in 2nd .Hence Sun is a strong significator of 2nd house which indicates finance.

6th Cusp : Sag 13:24:57 ( Ju Ve Ve ) –Ve is sublord of the 6th house is in the star of Mer which is placed in 8th house , Venus is also placed in 9th house. Hence not signifying house related to success and promotion.

10th Cusp : Aries 09:11:19 ( Ma Ke Ju ) – Jupiter as Discussed in 2nd cusp analysis is strong significator of sixth house . Hence 10 th cusp indicates success.

11th Cusp : Taurus 12:4:40 ( Ve Mo Ra ) – Rahu is placed in 6th house with Moon. It is in the star of Moon which is placed in 6th house. Hence it is a strong indicator of success.

Ruling Planets at the time of judgement

Lagna - Me Ma Ju
Moon - Sa Su Ve
Day - Saturn

Prediction :

Looking at the strength of the cuspal sublords especially 2,10 and 11th Cusp which indicates success and fulfillment of desire i.e promotion. 6th cusp sublord Venus does not indicate success but in comparison to other houses 2,10 and 11 it does not have strength. Hence I predicted success and promotion for the querist.

Result :

The querist was promoted on 24th June 2009 to the rank of DGM.

Pranams to Guruji and Ganesha.

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