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Marriage And Destiny

Inlast seven years of my experience as an astrologer , this case shows that we cannot change what’s written in our destiny. This case was solved during the time when I was learning Krishnamurti Padhdhati Astrology. One of my friends asked me about his marriage. During that time he was having an affair and it was not clear whether it would turn into marriage. Moreover they belong to a totally different background , my friend is a South Indian , native place in Kerala and his girl friend was a local resident of Bhopal.

Query : When will marriage take place ?
Horary : 208
Date : 28-08-2006
Time : 21:25 IST
Place : Bhopal Latitude 23 N 16 Longitude 77 E 26


1. For marriage, the 7th cuspal sublord should signify 2,7 or 11th house.
2. Marriage will take place during the Mahadasha, Bhukti and Antara of the strong significators of 2,7 or 11th house.
3. Ruling Planets are also be considered to time the marriage .
4. Transits of significators must also be considered.


For horary queries the planet Moon must signify the houses under consideration. Let us look at Moon. Moon is placed in 8th house, it is in the star of Mars which is placed in 7th ; hence Moon signifies 7th house. So now we can proceed with our analysis.

7th Cusp (Marriage ) Leo 0:0:0 :- Sun Ketu Ketu - The sublord of the 7th cusp is Ketu. Ketu itself is placed in the 7th house; it is in the star of Sun owning 7 and occupying 7. Hence it is a strong significator of marriage. It is in the sub of Jupiter which is placed in 9th house and owns 2,11 & 12th houses. Hence the sublord Ketu promises marriage and as 9th and 12th houses are also involved , it shows a long journey and change of place for marriage.

5th Cusp ( Affair ) Gemini 04:48:46 – Mer Ma Ve – The Sublord of the 5th cusp is Venus , it is in the star of Mercury which is placed in 7th house and owns 5, 6 & 8th houses. 6th house signification indicate problems related to marriage and 8th house is considered for disappointment, obstacles , disputes etc.

11th Cusp (Fulfillment of Desire, Permanent Relationship ) Sag 04:48:46 :- Jup Ket Mar – The sublord of the 11th cusp is Mars which is placed in 7th house and is in the star of Sun which is also placed in 7th house, hence it is a very strong significator for marriage.

2nd Cusp (Family ) Pisces 08:47:44 :- Ju Sa Ve - the sublord of the 2nd cusp is Venus which is also the sublord of 5th cusp indicating marriage with obsticles .
Dasha , Bhukti, Antara

At the time of judgement Mars Dasha was running up to 25-12-2007. Dasa lord Mars is placed in 7th house and is in the star of Sun which is also placed in 7th house. Hence Mars is a strong significator of 7th house and thus marriage is expected in this mahadasha of Mars.

Running Bhukti was Venus which as discussed above is also a strong significator of marriage. Venus Bhukti was from 18-11-2005 to 18-01-2007. As we see this Bhukti indicates marriage during this period i.e. before Jan 2007. Saturn Antara was running from 18-08-2006 to 25-10-2006. Saturn is in the star of Mercury which is placed in 7th. Saturn is in the sub of Mars which strongly supports marriage. Hence Antara lord Saturn also supports marriage.


So I predicted that marriage would take place before 25th Oct 2006 after checking the Ruling Planets and transit as shown under.
Ruling Planets at the Time of Judgement:
Lagna Mars Ketu Rahu
Moon Ven Mars Venus
Daylord Moon

Most of the Ruling Planets are fast moving planets, So the event is likely to happen soon. Actually nobody was expecting that this can happen. Even my friend who asked me this question was unsure, but as this was his destiny, his girlfriend left her home on 10th Oct 2006. He was left with nothing to choose but only to marry her after they both left Bhopal as 9th and 12th houses were involved. They married on 18-10-2006, Wednesday, in court at Mhow near Indore in MP .
Transits of Dasha Bhukti & Antara Lords

First of all Mars the mahadasha lord was in Libra in its own star Chitra. Bhukti lord Venus is also in the star of Mars but it was in Virgo. Antara lord Saturn was placed in Cancer sign in the star of Mercury in the sub of Saturn itself. Looking at the transit of luminaries which is very essential to time the event, Sun was placed in Libra whose sign lord is Venus, in the star of Mars, in the sub of Mercury. Moon is in Leo in the star of Venus. All are strong significators of 7th house. Thus one can identify how the destiny unfolds clearly only through Krishnamurti Padhdhati.

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    Please tell me about my marriage as i born on 22nd 0ct 1980
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    I am really going through a touch time as i had a breakup and that guy is marry with some one else i dont know what to do.

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    please help me.. i am in love with this guy who thinks his ex gf was the one for him and he cannot think of any other girl.. he is younger than me..that also is a problem but i m head over heels in love with dob is 13th dec 1988 time 6.02pm., place- trivandrum.
    his birth details are
    dob 7th august 1991
    time 4.16am
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    i don't know exact birth time and date,how can i find out my future.
    as per education 20th may 1975.

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    Respected sir ..
    Name is : Nitin and Nike Name is Amit
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    My old document is Amit P Modha And so many people spice Amit Problem is 28 year Raining but not my mirage you have same advise for me

    Amit Modha

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    sir,Please tell me about my marriage n career, dob is 5dec1985,12:00 noon

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    dob 5dec 1985 12:00 noon.....please tell me about my mariage

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