Reunion with Husband

Reunion with Husband

Om Gan Ganapataye Namah


Time and again Krishnamurti Paddhati proved that it is scientific and logical . Marriages are made in heaven.But if someones fate has second marriage in her birth chart , then what ? Of course for second marriage to take place , first marriage must break , then only one can marry second time.This one is very recent case , one lady who has a ten years of  successful marriage , having two daughters came upto me and told me that everything was fine till last year , but then she fell in love with a guy who is younger than her and then the problems started. Now both husband and wife live separately , though divorce case has not been filed by anybody yet.The client asked me is there any chance of reunion Let us look at how I used KP Astrology in solving the query.


Query                     : Reunion with Husband

Horary No             :  89

( 1 –249)

Date                       : 22-01-2011

Time                      : 20:23:42

Place                      : Nakshatra Jyotish   77E26 , 23N07  ( Geocentric )

Ayanamsa             :  KP Original     23:55:17




1        For reunion 7th Cuspal Sublord must signify 2 , 7 and  11th house .

2        7th cuspal sublord  must not signify the 12th from these houses i.e. 1 ,6 and 10th house.

3        7th house indicates wife , husband and marital happiness , 2nd house indicates Kutumba ( Domestic Family ) and 11th house indicates fulfillment of desire , reunion .



Moon always gives the indication of the state of mind and queries , So one should only proceed when the Moon and Ascendant sublord signify the houses under consideration.Here in this case Moon is the cuspal sublord of the 7th house which indicates life partner. Hence Moon is connected to the houses under consideration. Now we look at the ascendant sublord which is Rahu. Rahu is in the star of Ketu which is placed in the 11th house. Rahu itself is placed in the 5th house. So it signifies 5th and 11th house. Rahu is placed in Sagitarius sign whose lord is Jupiter , So it acts as agent of Jupiter. Jupiter is lord of 5th and 8th house and is placed in 8th house which is house of disputes and obstacles. Also the client has two daughters and their matter will arise for custody , when separation is there. So overall the Rahu as ascendant sublord shows the status of the client and her problems. She is involved with a person of other religion also , Rahu being cuspal sublord of 5th shows the same. But as the client had asked for reunion with husband , we will proceed with that only.



2nd Cusp -- Virgo –02:43:03 ( Me –Su - Ju )

Jupiter  is the cuspal sublord of the 2nd house , it is placed in the 8th house .It is in the star of Saturn which is placed in the 2nd house . So it strongly signifies 2nd house and 8th house . So being significator of 2nd and 8th , we can interpret it to be good for reunion but as it is not connected to 7th cuspal sublord Moon in anyway , hence cannot be good for reunion with husband . It may show that she will get the custody of children in future.

7th Cusp – Aquarius –05:33:20 ( Sa – Ma – Mo )

Moon  is the cuspal sublord of the 7th house , it is placed in 1st house and is in the star Purvaphalguni  whose lord Venus is placed in  4th house , so the Moon is a strong significator of 1st house  which is 12th from 2nd ,  and 4th house which is 10th from the 7th house. Also look at the sublord of Moon which is Sun, Sun is placed in the 6th house and is placed in its own star Uttarashada . So it strongly signifies 6th house which is 12th from 7th house .Hence its indication is unfavourable for the Clients query of reunion.

11th Cusp – Gemini – 06:09:46 ( Me – Ra – Mo )

As discussed above Moon is unfavourable for reunion.





As we cannot neglect the ruling planets at the time of judgement

Lagna   Signlord                         Sun

Lagna Starlord                              Ketu

Lagna Sublord                         Saturn

Moon Signlord                        Sun

Moon Starlord                         Venus

Moon Sublord                          Sun

Daylord                                   Saturn


Sun is very strong among the ruling planets . It is placed in 6th house and is in its own star. Saturn which is placed in 2nd house but is placed in the star of Moon which is placed in 1st house so Saturn signifies 1st house strongly than 2nd house. As most of the planets which signify 1,6 and 10 are also amongst Ruling Planets hence indication is unfavourable for reunion.



Running Mahadasha is of Venus , which is placed in 4th house , it is in the star of Mercury which is placed in 5th house , so it signifies 5th ,4th house strongly . It is lord of 3rd and 10th house. Looking at the sublord of Venus which is Sun , Sun in strongly signifying 6th house , it is also lord of 1st house hence both the house 1st and 6th negate 2nd and 7th house matters. Running Bhukti is of Sun which itself is very bad for reunion. So overall both Mahadasha and Bhukti signifies houses which is not supporting reunion with husband.

I predicted her that reunion with husband is not possible , according to my study of astrology.

On 24th Jan , she told me that her husband has filed for divorce , as I had predicted.

My Pranams to Lord Ganesha and Beloved Guruji.

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