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Denial of Marriage

Om Gan Ganapataye Namah
The principles and logic that led to the innovation of Krishnamurti Paddhati has many a times proved its worth.
There are many cases where I find the logics of KP Astrology very accurate and reliable which the Kaalchakra i.e
Wheel of Time proves. Here I present one case of lady. She is already involved in Spiritual activities and had
initiation in Kriya Yoga from Prajnan Mission in Puri. Her father who himself is renowned astrologer asked me to
predict using the Horary Method about her prospects of Marriage. She is fourth child of the querist.
Query : Marriage of Daughter
Horary No : 206 ( 1 –249)
Date : 06-02-2008
Time : 16:02:00
Place : Kolar-Bhopal (MP) 77E25 , 23N01 ( Geocentric )
Ayanamsa : KP Original 23:52:48
1.As the querist is asking about his 4th son , chart will be rotated to the 11th cusp as 5th is for 1st child , so
7th for 2nd , 9th for 3rd and 11th for the 4th child. Being an astrologer him self , the querist himself asked me to
rotate the chart to 11th cusp.
2. For marriage, one needs to judge the 7th cuspal sub lord. If the 7th cuspal sublord signifies 2nd , 7th and
11th house , then the marriage is possible. If it is signifying 1st , 6th and 10th house , then there is denial of marriage
as these house are 12th from 2nd , 7th and 11th house.
If the fruitful significators of the 7th house are connected to 6th house then these significators also obstruct marriage.
Before proceeding to solve the query one must check out the position of Moon and Ascendant Sub lord, So that
the houses under consideration must be signifying the relevant houses related to the query. Chart is rotated to
the 11th House .2nd, 7th and 11th house are considered for any query related to marriage, as 2nd house indicates
addition in family, 7th house is the house of marriage and 11th house is fulfillment of desires. Here Moon is
placed in the 2nd house, it is placed in its own star in Capricorn with Mercury and Sun being placed in same
house. Mercury is the lord of 7th house; hence Moon is reflecting the query. Now we can proceed to solve the
query. Ascendant Sub lord is Venus which is placed in Ascendant i.e 1st house. It is lord of the 11th house and
placed in its own star. So it is a significator of 11th house and hence signifying the houses under consideration
for marriage.
2nd Cusp : Sagitarius 26:45:07 – ( Jupiter – Sun – Sun )
Sun is the Cuspal Sublord of the 2nd house , it is placed in its own star and also it is placed in the 2nd house
alongwith Moon and Mercury. So Sun is signifying 2nd house strongly and is fruitful for marriage.
7th Cusp : Gemini 01:49:57 – ( Mercury – Mars - Mercury )
Mercury which is the Cuspal Sub lord of the 7th house , it is placed in the 2nd house and it is placed in the star of
Mars and also in the Sub of Mars , Mars is placed in the 6th house which is 12th from the 7th house and so denying
marriage . Mars is placed in 6th house and in its own star, so Mars is signifying 6th house strongly.
So as Mercury is placed in the star and sub of Mars , hence it is strongly denying marriage.
11th Cusp : Libra 08:58:53 – ( Venus – Rahu – Jupiter )
Jupiter is the Cuspal Sublord of the 11th house which is considered as house of fulfillment of desires. Jupiter is
placed in the 1st house and it is in the star of Venus which itself is placed in the 1st house. 1st house is negation
to 2nd house. Jupiter being in the star of Venus is weak significator of 11th house. So not of any use as Jupiter is
signifying 1st house strongly than 11th house. Thus cuspal sublord Jupiter is not supporting Marriage.
At the time of judgment the ruling planets are as follows

Lagna Sign lord : Mercury
Lagna Star lord : Jupiter
Moon Sign lord : Saturn
Moon Star lord : Moon
Day lord : Mercury
Looking at the Ruling Planets one clearly sees that most of the RPs signifies negative houses for marriage other
than Moon.
As the Moon is in Shravan star whose lord is Moon , the running mahadasha is of Moon and the bhukti is of Jupiter.
As Moon though is signifying 2nd house but it is in the sub of Jupiter which itself is signifying 1st house
strongly , so the mahadasha is not supporting marriage. Similarly when one looks at the bhukti which is of Jupiter,
it also denies marriage. Hence the Mahadasha and Bhukti both not supporting marriage.
As per the analyses shown above I told the that his daughter is unlikely to marry. Since then it’s been two
years and recently the querist himself told me that his daughter had taken Sanyas and is staying at Ashram in
Puri Orissa.
My Prayers to Guruji and Lord Ganesha .

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