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Krishnamurti Paddhati has nowadays found its utility in almost every aspect of life whether it is Marriage, child birth , job or for that matter when the bus arrives , when someone receives letter etc. I as a follower of KP principles use it any type of query whether it is related to me or not . Cricket is religion in our country and cricketers are treated with utmost love and affection by the people of this country. Last year i.e. Dec 2008 England was playing against India at Chennai .England set a huge target of about 387 runs in last innings. Pitch was deteriorating and it looked that England will win the Test Match against India. So I took help of KP principles in calculating which team will win ?


It was on 14 Dec 2008 , 19:34 hrs using old KP Ayanamsha at Nakshatra Jyotish Sansthan Lat 23:16 N Long 77:27 E that I calculated taking the horary no 214 . Of course I am not part of Indian cricket team but if the Ascendant Sublord and Moon signifies the related houses then I can proceed with my calculation , I follow this rule on most cases whenever possible.

1 To win in competition the 6th Sublord or 1st Sublord must signify 1,6 & 11th house.
2 For opposition it is 1st , 6th and 11th house from the 7th house , so it becomes 7th ,12th and 5th from the Ascendant.So 7th and 12th house must signify 7th ,12th and 5th house.
3 Ruling Planets must also be considered to decide the winner.RPs must also signify either 1st 6th and 11th or 7th ,12th and 5th house .
4 If Ruling Planets are not connected to 1,6 ,11 or 7,12,5 then a draw is expected.

Analysis :
First of all we need to check whether the query is reflected in the chart through Moon or Ascendant Sublord i.e. Moon must signify the relevant house such as 1,6,11 or 7,12,5 .Moon is strong significator of 7th house as it is placed in it and also signifies 9th , 1st and 12th house .Also looking at the ascendant Sbl which is Jupiter is in the star of Mars which is placed in 6th house , so Jupiter also supports the query.
Now we can proceed towards further analysis. Ascendant Sublord is Jupiter which is strong significator of 10th house , also signifies 11th house by placement.

Sublord House A B C D
Ju 1st Sa
Me 6th Me Ke Ve Ra Mo
Sa 11th Mo Ju Mo Ju

This is a significators table for India. Looking at it 1st sublord Jupiter is signifying 11th house , sublord of 6th house Mercury is strong significator of 6th house , Saturn as a sublord of 11th house is lone significator of 1st house. Hence it strongly reflects Indian win. Saturn ,Mercury , Jupiter , Moon , Ketu are significaters of 1 ,6 and 11th houses.
Now we look at signification table for England
Sublord House A B C D
Ju 7 Sa Ju Sa Su
Ke 12 Ve Ra Sa
Sa 5 Ve Ra Mo Su Ma Ke Ju

Now looking at the table we find that the 7th sublord Jupiter is weak significator of 7th and 5th house , 12th sublord Ketu is also weak significator of 5th house and 5th sublord Saturn is strong significator of 7th house. Hence looking at the table we find Venus , Rahu , Moon ,Saturn Jupiter as significators .Though Moon and Jupiter are strong significators of 1,6 and 11th house we cannot compare its signification with that of 7,12 and 5th house .
Now we take the Ruling Planets at the time of judgement
Sign Lord Star Lord Sublord
Lagna- Mithun Mercury Jupiter Ketu
Moon - Mithun Mercury Jupiter Ketu
Daylord – Sun

Looking at the Ruling Planets one can easily determine that it is strongly supporting the 1,6 and 11th house significations. Hence I arrived at conclusion that India will win the Test Match , which it did with Sachin Tendulkar Scoring a century in 2nd innings.
My prayers to Shri Ucchishtha Mahaganpati and KS Krishnamurtiji.

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