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Miracle of Ruling Planets

As I am practicing astrology since six years, most of my friends take my advice and ask me to predict. This case was solved using Krishnamurti Paddhati method and using only Ruling Planets at the time of judgement. My friend who works as a sales executive in a reputed surgical company was having problems with his executive. As is the case in most marketing companies his executive was not sending him his promotion letter to extract more sales. So my friend , who knew that he is being promoted asked me the question about him receiving that letter.




1. Ruling Planets at the time of judgement match at the time of event under consideration.
2. If the event is to take place within a few days, take the position of moon forward so as to match with the ruling planets at TOJ.

I solved this query on 5th dec 2008 at 17:39:34 at my office nakshatra jyotish sansthan
Lat: 23 N 16 , Long : 77 E 27 taking KP Ayanamsha Value 23:53:30

Ruling Planets :
Lagna – taurus Shukra – rohini star ie Chandra – Shukra sub
Chandra-aquarius Shani – shatbisha star ie Rahu Shukra sub
Day lord – Shukra

As Shukra is very powerful among the RPs and the event was expected within a few days.Moon was in kumbha at that time . moon next transits in guru sign meena , guru was not among the RPs so I thought to leave this sign. Next was mesha which has the star of shukra which was very strong in ruling planets. Also taurus lagna was about 22:11’ at the TOJ and three planets Surya Mangal and Budh were exactly opposite to it in the seventh house i.e in scorpio. Looking at that mangal was at 19:57’ which is very near to the seventh cusp, so I fixed that when moon transits mesha rashi and shukra star my friend will receive that letter i.e on 10th dec 2008.Now to decide moon sub I took rahu sub as at TOJ moon was in Rahu Star So I fixed it at Mesha Sign Shukra Star & Rahu sub which started from 08:11 IST bhopal but during this time transiting lagna was of guru i.e sagitarius as guru was not amongst the RPs , dhanu ascendent will not work so I fixed the ascendant to be makar as Shani was amongst the RPs.

This ascendant started from 09:25 AM so I fixed the time of my friend receiving letter near this time around 09:30. Actually what happened in course of time was very surprising.On 10 th dec 2008 at 09:30 am when my friend actually went in the verandah his neighbour came upto him and gave him letter. Neighbour told him that yesterday postman arrived at about 1500 hrs and seeing nobody at my friend’s house gave this letter to him.My prayers to KSK and thanks to KP otherwise it would not be possible at least for me to predict with that accuracy.

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