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Remedies and Gemstones

Wearing gemstones is a widely used technique of remedial measure. It is a pretty good way to adopt for many who cannot get involved in mantra shadhana, or cannot afford an expensive yajna. Each planet has it's own gemstones and if you cannot afford these precious gemstones, a sub-gem (Secondary choice) can be prescribed. Surely, sub-stones do not work as much as the primary gem, but they are very useful for people who cannot buy the primary gemstones.

There are a few who do not recommend a secondary gemstone and stick to the primary one only. Most of the astrologers, (Including most experienced and knowledgeable astrologers) do suggest secondary stones. Many and most of the people who need help cannot afford primary stones, since many of the times problems include job problems, financial problems etc. Even with other problems, there are only a few people who could afford a good quality primary stone. Even a flawed primary stone would cost a lot! In that case, you can buy a good quality secondary stone for a lot lower price than even a low quality or flawed primary stone. Most of the people wearing stones are wearing secondary stones actually. If the choice was restricted only in primary, then they could never afford or wear a stone and be benefited. Cost always matters to most of us.

There are astrologers who would not recommend gemstones as remedial measures. Some would say that there is no mention about gemstones in BPHS. But, there are no mention of a lot of techniques they use in BPHS. What is about that? Some would say that there is no mention about gemstones in puranas (scriptures). That is wrong. Many puranas mention gemstones and their healing abilities. Gemstones do have healing abilities and they do that according to the horoscope itself, and that is enough to consider them as remedial measure.

Gemstones should be free from any kind of flaws or defects. Scratches, discolouring, bubbles etc. in them make them flawed. A flawed gem harms rather than doing good most of the times. Sometimes a flawed gem also works fine, but why taking the risk? So, please avoid flawed gemstones. It is hard to find a flawless and good quality primary gemstone. If you can find then the cost must be very high.

Gemstones are to be worn of a minimum weight, in particular metals, in particular fingers and in particular time if possible. Remember that in finger, the gemstone can become dirty with touch of stool, urine or other filths. This reduces the good effect of a gemstone.

Most of all, it is never safe to wear any gem otherwise suggested by a good Jyotisha (Vedic astrologer). Even if you wear gemstones in any part of the body for beauty purposes, it is always good not to wear for a long period. In some cases, they are capable of giving powerful effect or harm within 2/3 hours of time. So, please take extra care about these. A gemstone can totally change your life and do consult a knowledgeable Vedic Astrologer when you wish to get one.

Planets and gemstones

Below, gemstones for the nine planets are listed. First the primary stone, then the secondary options.

Sun - Ruby, red spinel, rubellite, red garnet etc.
Moon - Pearl, moonstone, white coral etc.
Mars - Red coral, carnelian etc.
Mercury - Emerald, peridot, onyx, tsavorite, green jade, chrome tourmaline etc.
Jupiter - Yellow sapphire, yellow topaz, heliodor, citrine etc.
Venus - Diamond, zircon, clear sapphire, clear topaz, quartz, crystal, etc.
Saturn - Blue sapphire, blue spinel, indicolite, amethyst, tanzanite etc.
Rahu - Hessonite (Gomedh), spessertite etc.
Ketu - Cat's eye, chrysoberyl, beryl, tourmaline etc.

Many people try to support gemstones from so called scientific approach. But actually, Vedic Astrology principles, can not be analyzed clearly in scientific ways. Because science has it's own limitations which can not explain many things around us. Vedic Astrology does not behave in so called 'Scientific' way since it has got a better way to behave. Gemstones have no powers 'Of their own' but they give us effect because they represent specific planets. That is why a gemstone does not give effect on every matter - rather it gives effect in a specific area of life as indicated by the horoscope.

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