Astrology Career Report

Career Through Astrology

Career Through Astrology

The Career Report is a comprehensive report that focuses on vocational aptitudes as revealed in the birth chart. This is a comprehensive 5-page natal report filled with vocational astrology suggestions about the type of work for which you are best suited. This ambitious report interprets your planets' sign and house positions; delineates your most dominant planets, signs, and houses; refines the sign placements by delineating the actual decan within the sign for the Sun, Moon, Ascendant, and Midheaven; delineates intercepted signs within houses; and outlines the dates of your career rise and fall cycle based on the fourth house cusp sign.

The author based his delineations on a review of the astrological literature and the study of hundreds of charts of individuals with demonstrated success in various careers. Each interpretation was further tested against a database of clients, friends, and notable figures to verify the accuracy. The focus of the report is both vocational and psychological because personality traits and preferences play a major role in career selection. The result is a fascinating natal chart interpretation with a special emphasis on vocational factors in the chart.

In my 10 years of astrology practice I have come across many people who ask questions like,

  • What will be my profession?
  • Will I become a CPA/CA?
  • When will I become a lawyer?
  • Will I become successful in business?
When I listen to such questions I pity their ignorance of the subject (Astrology). Though it is not their fault at all, this misconception of astrology has been allowed to take root in the psyche of the people, because no astrologer has the guts to tell his client or prospective client that this is not possible to tell. There are other astrologers who know it and have the guts to tell but who has the time to educate the people?

Let's come to the point and matter of interest.

Step 1: Understand your basic inner destined abilities from an astrologer through your ascendant. In case you do not know the same you should find it out by providing your date, time and place of birth.

Step 2: Compare the above info with what you have actually developed in so many years, ask yourself, whether you found such characteristics in yourself and whether you are comfortable with the same. Also explore possibilities of developing those identified characteristics through training.

Step 3: Based on your 10th House cusp find out the astrological/destined profession fields you will be able to do/complete with joy, satisfaction ease.

Step 4: Finally compile all the info collected in the three steps above, match it with your education, experience, resources available. Resources can be society, the environment, your locality, your contacts etc. Make a decision. If in doubt or if you have more options and input, ask your astrologer again or come ask me (LOL).

One note - Astrology was never meant to be a predictive science, it was and will always be an Information System and a tool. Those who have matured to this level, the practitioner and the client, have always benefited.

Wishing you all good luck and career hunting success,

Pt Akash

( Jyotish Shiromani )

We are offering this report at a comparatively low price. The Career Report is Rs 201  20 US $, and is delivered by email via an attachment usually within 24 hours of receipt of payment AND full information required. You will need to provide the following information:

  • Name (First name only is absolutely acceptable).
  • Birth Day (example, Aug 15/68 - please use Month/Day/Year format if you are using numerical months)
  • Birth Time (example, 7:25 AM; Do not adjust this time - provide the birth time as given at the place of birth).
  • Birth Place (City, state/province, country).

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